July 06, 2011 | Posted by Ian Thompson

Suisun pipeline study authors call on PUC, PG&E for more info

SUISUN CITY A city resident is asking the state’s Public Utilities Commission and Pacific Gas & Electric Company to come across with information on the natural gas pipelines running through Suisun City that will show whether those lines are safe.

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Our Mission Statement 

Healthy Community Research for Suisun City, a project of California Healthy Communities Network/Tides Center will conduct a baseline study of pipelines in the Suisun City pipeline corridor.

The study will provide independent predictions of the pipelines’ life spans, the risks these pipelines pose to the human and natural environment, and risk mitigation measures.

During the study, we will be looking at—among other areas— data on pipeline materials, corrosion protection, installation history, and soil. 

The study findings, which will be disseminated to the public, local government officials, and pipeline operators, should hopefully initiate a dialogue between these groups on pipeline safety in the area.

*NEW* HCRSC CPUC Presentation 7/14/11

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Pipeline and Hazardous Material Safety Administration
Technical Assistance Grant (TAG)

Final Report Cover Letter

Objective: Evaluate safety of aging hazardous liquid and natural gas transmission pipelines in the Suisun City pipeline corridor.


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